Ange Barde - Four-time Champion in the European Ferrari Challenge - World Champion in GT3

I have always joined my two passions, motorsport and fine watches.

Throughout my career as a professional driver and as Team Manager, I had the opportunity to collaborate with several leading watch brands, thus developing my knowledge in watchmaking and nourishing an unconditional love for sport watches.

Beginning 2010 I decided I would launch my own watch brand, obviously inspired from the most legendary sports cars. Each of my creations are designed to be the bridge of excellence between the world of motorsport and the world of haute horlogerie, based on simple but strict requirements: Precision, reliability, efficiency, resistance to impact, exclusive and elegant design, racing spirit.

Each collection is a limited edition of numbered chronographs, featuring noble materials such as titanium, gold or aluminum, with a distinguished design that sets the watch apart on the market: with its bezel in the shape of racing exhaust case; the traditional spokes of a race car steering wheel replicated into the arms of the watch; the disc brake revolving within its caliper representing the ongoing movement of the seconds; the perforated pedals of a race car serving as the pushers to start and stop the chronograph; the racing tire thread inside the rubber strap and the rotor representing a sports car rim…

In each of ANGE BARDE collection, motorsport heritage, traditional Swiss watchmaking skills, the art to live and the racing spirit merge into one masterpiece.

Wearing and ANGE BARDE is an art of living.